Jurnal Al-Risalah: Forum Kajian Hukum dan Sosial Kemasyarakat (Sinta 2, p-ISSN: 1412-436x, e-ISSN: 2540-9522) is published by Faculty of Sharia, State Islamic University of Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi twice a year (June and December) since 2001. From the establishment, Jurnal Al-Risalah has published a legal periodical publishing scholarly and authoritative article on legal issues of current importance to both academic research and legal practice.

The journal is a peer-reviewed journal which aims to publish new work of the highest calibre across the full range of legal scholarship, which includes but not limited to works in Islamic law, Islamic legal thought, Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic economic laws, Islamic politics (fiqh siyāsah), criminal law, civil law, international law, constitutional law, administrative law, economic law, medical law, customary law, environmental law and so on.

Principally, the journal's editorial policy is to favour contributions which will be of interest to a wide cross-section of its readership - contributions which, if specialized, nevertheless serve to bring out matters of broader interest or importance within their specialization. However, articles which are not included in the area of law and social sciences are not covered and out of the scope of this journal.

JURNAL AL-RISALAH Forum Kajian Hukum dan Sosial Kemasyarakatan is proud to accept papers for its upcoming edition: Volume 21, number 2, 2021. Please submit your paper online click here or email to: alrisalah@uinjambi.ac.id


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Vol 21 No 2 (2021)


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