Iltizam Journal of Shariah Economic Research E-ISSN:2598-2540 P-ISSN:2598-2222 is the journal that publishing the research result in the area of sharia economic, namely sharia banking and financing, micro and macroeconomy, and the issues of regional development that studied by sharia economic perspective. Iltizam cordially invites the academician, researchers, and others to submit their research article that in line with our focus and scope

Iltizam Journal of Shariah Economic Research encompasses research articles, original research report, reviews, and scientific commentaries in the field of economics and Islamic business, including Islamic Economics, Islamic Business, Islamic banking, Islamic capital markets, Islamic wealth management, Issues on shariah implementation/practices of Islamic banking, Zakat, and awqaf, Takaful, Islamic Corporate Finance, Shariah-compliant risk management, Islamic derivatives, Issues of Shari`ah Supervisory Boards, Islamic business ethics, Islamic Accounting, Islamic Auditing.

Iltizam Journal of Shariah Economic Research DOI prefix : 10.30631

Iltizam Journal of Shariah Economic Research indexed by Google Scholar, Garuda, Crossref, Moraref, IPI, Neliti, Base, Index Copernicus, published twice in a year ( June and,December). Iltizam Journal of Shariah Economic Research being written in Indonesia or English. All of the issues require containing a new aspect or information.




Current Issue

Vol 5 No 2 (2021): Iltizam Journal of Shariah Economics Research

For the publication of the Iltizam journal volume 5 issue 2, the research results presented are focused on Islamic economic practices in commercial business practices, Islamic banks, waqf and social finance with an approach to marketing case studies, human resource management, business model , and the level of financial soundness in related institutions. Financial technology issues and the history of Islamic economics, especially related to trading and other management aspects are also presented as part of the diversity of Islamic economic research

Published: 2021-12-22


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